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Ummeed hospital is a ray of hope for the people who are engrossed in the darkness of addiction. This rehab center is a home away from home.. Our team deals with all kinds of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. We also work on the improvement of mental health and our team consists of renowned psychiatrists and psychologists. We believe in a peaceful environment, where all patients in the house are treated with care and kindness.

Ummeed hospital is today probably the only drug/alcohol rehab in the Gurdaspur Catering to the elite and affluent class of people afflicted and affected by this ailment that is completely voluntary, which as a priority maintains the anonymity and confidentiality of its clientele and tailor makes the treatment process as per the individual making it client specific. The ambience provided is luxurious and exclusive.

Our well-qualified team of psychiatrists has mandated the responsibility to evaluate a resident's mental health status, and to hold regular discussions with them to assess their response to treatment.


Ummeed hospital has dedicated emergency receiving area capable of handling multiple emergencies at any given point of time. The department is manned by well qualified and experienced doctors and nursing staff. Services of specialist and super specialist doctors, willing to tackle any kind of complicated emergencies , are available around the clock. The emergency department also has access to lab facilities, X-ray and specialised investigation like CT Scan and MRI Scan on 24/7 bases. The hospital also has 24 hours pharmacy service.


Our mission is to restore the lives of individuals suffering from mental illness(es) and people addicted to use of alcohol and/or other substance(s) by providing high quality physical and cognitive rehabilitation services.


Our vision is that everyone under our care finds a better way of life, free from alcohol, drugs and other mental issues. Our organization is the go-to rehab centre in Punjab, where individuals and families can trust us to transform their lives for the better.


We have a deeper level of patient understanding and are always empathetic to their needs. This builds a culture of providing a higher standard of patient-centered care. We respect each other and our patients and make sure their needs are met with dignity.

Ummeed Hospital

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The Department of Pathology of Ummeed Hospital is one of the most modern laboratories

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With in this hospital we have highly furnished and updated physiotherapy department.

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The Hospital provides Ambulance service for patients who need to be shifted to and fro from the hospital.

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