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Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is a kind of disease that begins slowly. The initial decision to take drugs is typically voluntary. The main reasons for their intake are to feel good, to perform well, to kill curiosity and to feel better. Drugs harm the brain's rewarding system by producing excessive dopamine, the chemical responsible for pleasurable feelings. However, with continued use, a person's ability to exert self-control can become seriously impaired and this impairment in self-control results in addiction. The treatment for drug abuse usually includes group therapy, different types of counseling, and drug education.

People consume it to live in a happy illusion which is far away from reality . Some consume it out of depression while some want to look cool enough to survive in a peer group . There is no trial in drugs , once it is consumed there is no coming back !

That’s why Ummeed , one of the Best Drug De-addiction centre in Punjab ,is formed , to let the addicts have a self control via a series of therapies and treatments .

Drug addiction includes :


Opioid is a medicine to get relief from pain and are safe to use when taken correctly and as per doctor’s prescription , in case of toothaches , surgeries , injury or even in cancer . These medicines reduce the pain signals send to the brain , thus , no pain is felt for some time because brain didn’t get any signal . But . if a person misuses these drugs and overdo it without any prescription , it may turn into addiction .

Here , the person addicted will get anxiety attacks , greater mood swings and will be always depressed . He’ll be irritated and angry always and his sleep pattern will be highly affected . This may happen because of overdose of medicines or consumption of heroin , opium , morphine , methadone , etc . Our Drug De-addiction Centre helps one to get out this drug cycle and help him get a better life .


Tobacco addiction is a commonly seen addiction in India . The advertisements issued by Indian Health Ministry has imparted much knowledge about the consequences of consuming tobacco , yet many people are still consuming it . Addiction to tobacco is basically addiction to it’s active ingredient called Nicotine , the root cause of all problems .

An addicted person will always be hungry . He’ll have a slurred speech , constipation and heavy eyes and will always be frustrated , angry and restless . Ummeed , the Best Rehab Centre consists of trained practitioners to help persons suffering to get out of this tobacco trap .


It is also called Cannabis Use Disorder ( CUD ) or Marijuana Addiction . It is the consumption of weeds , called BHAANG in hindi . Cannabis dependence is much less than that of cocaine , heroin and alcohol but still it is prevalent .

It’s symptoms include anxiety , depression , restlessness and irritability . It even leads to disturbed sleep and loss of appetite . Greater the use , more significant are the consequences . Ummeed , as its name help to bring about a new ray of hope in the lives of the addicts , being one of the Best Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Punjab


These drugs are suggested by doctors to treat certain conditions like seizure , insomnia , anxiety and bipolar disorder . The consumption of these drugs is problematic only when it is used for a long period of time , which can result in it’s addiction .

This results in drowsiness , confusion , increased anxiety , depression , diminishing memory, hallucination and gastrointestinal problems . One should not take these substances as sleeping pills regularly , else he’ll have to face harsh consequences . But , still if you have an urge to be healthy again , Ummeed , one of the Best Rehab Centre in Punjab , welcomes you wholeheartedly .