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Gender Identity Disorder


Gender Identity Disorder

GID i.e. Gender Identity Disorder , as the name suggests is a disorder where an individual gets confused about his or her own gender and mixes the elements of other gender in an inappropriate manner which looks very odd .

This confusion generates anxiety and stress amongst the people suffering because they feel that their bodies don’t reflect their true picture . This shall not be called a disorder because it is something completely normal , but people fail to identify so . Especially the members of the family tend to abandon their child after knowing that he or she is behaving strangely . But his shall not be done . Instead special care and attention shall be given to these people to support them mentally .

At Ummeed , we do the same . We try to make the person comfortable enough so that he or she is able to recognize their true gender identity . If after therapies and consultation a person tend to opt for being a transgender , then he or she are strongly supported and the way of life is taught to them to overcome all sorts of problems in their way .

If you or your loved one is going through such a hard time , then come to Ummeed Care Centre without any hesitation . We assure to help you in the best way possible !