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This disorder is as rare as it’s name . People suffering from this disorder generally experience strange things which are unusual to occur like making strange beliefs or hearing displeasing voices . People suffering from this disorder see the normal reality in an abnormal way . They tend to interpret all things and events around them in a disordered way .

It’s symptoms may include lack of concentration and motivation , problem in speech , hallucinating , i.e. creating world of your own in your minds which is very different from reality , and triggering of suicidal tendencies .This disorder may be rare , but it is very urgent to treat . It may be cause because of childhood bad experiences , environmental factors or because of genetic behaviour .

There is no set procedure to deal with this type of addiction , but yet many emotional , psychological and practical techniques are followed by our trained personnel to treat it in a positive manner , making Ummeed , a topmost Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Punjab .

Feel free to come to us . We will listen to your grief , guide you and will stand by your side forever . Because , at Ummeed , you are never alone !