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Depression again is a common term and goes hand in hand with anxiety . These terms are in repetitive use nowadays . Especially when it’s link to many suicidal cases was discovered , it gathered even more attention . It is a long state of loneliness , unhappiness and hopelessness which makes the life of the depressed miserable . Factors like feeling isolated from the rest of the world , self pity , comparison with others , family issues or even heart breaks can be the major reasons of suffering from depression .

Many people don’t consider depression as a real problem but they adjoin it with the concepts of laziness , procrastination and just excuses to avoid any sort of work or life load . That’s why the story of the depressed remain unheard and is often made the source of laughter for the surrounding people . It piles up panic and sadness inside the individual so much so that it may lead to his or her death even .

There is a lack of listeners in society who can actually listen to the sad person and lift his mood . But it is very disappointing to see very less people actually understanding this situation .

That’s why , Ummeed is setup , to listen to the depressed and enlighten their spirits again , in a step – by – step procedure .
If you are suffering from depression , or know somebody who is , then feel free to reach out to us . We promise you to help youin every way possible.