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Trauma refers to the feelings of deep pain or utter fear due to the happening of a very unpleasant event . It is due to a very disturbing event which makes the life on an individual miserable because of that horrible experience or incident happened with him or her .

Physical or Sexual assault , domestic violence , loss because of a natural calamity , death of a loved one , severe injury or illness , seeing violent activities , etc . , an be the main reasons of trauma , impressions of which lasts lifelong . Trauma can be categorized into three forms , namely

  • Acute Trauma – arising out of a single terrible experience
  • Chronic Trauma – Arising out of a long and ongoing event like child abuse , domestic violence etc .
  • Complex trauma – which arises out of a mix of complex traumatic and very wrong events

It is very tough for a person , who has experienced such a trauma in his or her life , to recover and lead a happy life in future . These events didn’t happen because of him then why he should suffer from it’s consequences !

Traumatic persons , especially those who were raped and abused , are never accepted by society and this makes their life even more miserable . These people face a lot and at last they get tired from their painful life and decide to quit it . But this is not the correct way .

If you have suffered from such a trauma or anyone in your contact is suffering from this , then please feel free to come to us . We will listen to your grief , guide you and will stand by your side forever .

Remember , at Ummeed , you are never alone !