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Being Mindful refers to fully knowing what is going on in your mind . Also all actions we perform our controlled by our minds , so being mindful also implies being aware of what you’re doing , what is happening around and inside and what you need to do .

So , from above we can say that Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the inside state and linking that with the outside world to give your best in this game of Life ! It is the state of being completely aware of who we are , where we are and what we are doing , without being over emotional or overly reactive to the happenings occurring in the outside world .

One who gathers such a mindful stage achieves three elements in the proper way and that are :

  • Memory
  • Awareness
  • Attention

It helps a person to live a calm and peaceful life by living in the present moment . It makes a person more thankful . we achieve self – acceptance and self – respect with mindfulness .

So , if you wish to achieve this state then we are always ready to help you . Trained practitioners at Ummeed will assist you to perform meditation and guide you towards being more mindful .