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Anxiety ( Under Mental Health )


Anxiety ( Under Mental Health )

Anxiety is a common term nowadays . Everyone is using this term now for general stress and tension . But Anxiety Disorder is stress and tension at a much higher level . It includes the extreme feelings of pain and fear . In situation of anxiety disorders , the brain overreacts to the stress and predict an upcoming danger as too huge to handle . This is not occasional anxiety which many of us go through in certain specific situations .

But under Anxiety Disorder , a person goes through such stress on a regular basis . If you avoid social situations like school or work or gatherings out of panic , then these add to the symptoms of anxiety disorder . Anxiety disorder may be of varied forms like -

  • Phobias i.e. extreme fear of something like height water , etc. ,
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling excessive for each thing and creating stress for yourself
  • Social phobia , here you like to be alone and avoid social gatherings
  • Anxiety disorder as a side – effect of medicines , etc.

It’s common symptoms include extreme fear or panic , sleep disorders , nausea , dry mouth , lacking concentration and peace . It shall not be ignored because this disorder is capable enough to ruin your entire life .

So , it is better to get treated once than living each day in fear . Our hospital specializes in Neuro Psychiatric ailments and is one of the best option to get yourself treated .