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Personality Disorder


Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder is a form of psychological disorder , wherein an individual thinking , behavior and even functioning pattern becomes all unhealthy . There are about 10 forms of personality disorders and they vary in their intensity .

The cause behind getting this order is usually one of the two main factors , I . e. , Environmental factors like social situations with friends and family , and , Gene factor where a person gets his personality disorder in hereditary in the form of genes . Many people , especially in India , neglect the symptoms of this disorder and treat it like his or her normal and natural behaviour . Some of the symptoms include :

  • Belief that other are always going to deceive or harm you
  • Having unreasonable sense of fear
  • Violent nature
  • Suicidal behaviour and thoughts
  • Harming yourself
  • High mood swings
  • Intense emotions

So , if you feel like you have such symptoms or your loved one might be having a personality disorder , then there is still an UMMEED left for you . Don’t get disheartened but face this situation bravely , take therapies and medications and give yourself the best ever treatment possible by the trained practitioners at our hospital , which is the Best Neuro Psychiatric Hospital to deal with personality disorder situation .

Remember , if this disorder is not treated right and on time , then it may affect a person’s mental health deeply and he may to tend to suicidal thoughts . So , be strong enough to treat it the right way , of course with our careful guidance .