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Relation Therapy


Relation Therapy

This therapy has been proven very helpful for couples to improve and maintain the essence of a healthy relationship between them . This therapy is now needed the most when maintaining happy , healthy and sincere relationships is considered near to impossible in today’s world .

Healthy relationship doesn’t mean that there will be absolutely no fights in between couples but it means that chances of conflicts will reduce to minimum because of the level of understanding and love between them .

Just like family therapy , in this therapy too the two members involved are seated face to face along with a counselor to enable them to keep their point of view honestly and with a set of therapeutic elements , the counselor try to achieve a healthy state in their relationship .

All issues are kept and their solutions are found to help the couple lead a promising life together , far from the misunderstandings and other conflicts .

We assure you that all the rendered information shall be kept confidential and privacy shall be maintained properly at Ummeed , One of the Best Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Punjab . So , if you want to get relief from the regular mental conflicts and confusions , feel free to visit us . Our trained personnel and counselors shall make it easy for you to get out of this problematic situation as soon as possible .