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Internet Addiction


Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is a modern form of addiction . Many doesn’t even know about it . But , yes it exists . If you see someone stick to laptops , PCs , tablets or mobile phones , you can say he’s in a habit of surfing internet , but we cannot call it an addiction yet .

To find out if someone is going through Internet Addiction , a simple test can be conducted . If your loved ones have such a habit then you can hide their laptops or mobile phones and see their reaction . If you yourself have such a habit , then try to maintain distance from internet surfing for some time , and observe yourself .

If you observe a sudden mood change or impulsive behavior within yourself or your loved ones , or if the person is seemed to lose control over his senses and is madly searching for the appliances to use them , then , it is definitely a serious case of Internet Addiction and shall not be overlooked instead it’s treatment should be started as soon as possible .

This type of addiction is more common amongst youngsters and it is done to avoid the feelings of loneliness , anxiety and depression . This addiction leads to anxiety disorders , stress , loss of appetite ,eyesight weakness , mood swings and many other serious complications . There is no set procedure to deal with this type of addiction , but yet many emotional , psychological and practical techniques are followed by our trained personnel to treat it in a positive manner , making Ummeed , a topmost Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Punjab .