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Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is also referred to as Mania or a Manic Disorder . Here , the person suffers from extreme mood swings . In morning he might be the most liveliest person in the world but by night he looks like the most hopeless and sad person . A person suffering from this disorder may also suffer from other diseases like thyroid , migraine , obesity and even anxiety disorders .

The manic behaviour also affects the sleep cycle of an individual , along with his or her thinking and concentrating ability . There are three types of Bipolar disorders namely :

Bipolar I – This disorder affects both women and men in an equal manner . Here the person must have experienced the manic episode or the severe mood swing , at least once .
Bipolar II – This disorder happens to be more common in women . It involves one major depression scene that lasts for 2 weeks and one minor episode that lasts for four days .

Cyclothymia – People with this disorder suffer from depression and hyper mania , called Hypomania . This situation is less severe from the Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorders . Most people belonging here experience only one mood swing episode in a month and that makes it difficult to diagnose .

These situations shall not be undermined at all , instead immediate treatment an therapies shall be taken in this regard to avoid any future contingencies and to maintain healthy social relationships .

This shall not be ignored at any cost because this disorder is capable enough to ruin your entire life .

So , it is better to get treated once than living each day in fear . Our hospital specializes in Neuro Psychiatric ailments and is one of the best option to get yourself treated .