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Alcohol is a legal substance that makes it easily available . This is the main reason that Alcohol Addiction , also called Alcoholism , is the most common type of addiction , seen in all age groups . Even kids nowadays have started it’s consumption rapidly just to look cool , least do they know that what they are consuming now just for fun will have long lasting devastating effects ! Beer , Wine and hard liquor like vodka , gin ,rum and whiskey are the most common forms of alcohol .

These may look fun and appealing in the beginning , but if consumed regularly for long then it is a big problem to address . This leads in high flow of alcohol content in the blood stream and results in :

  • Slowing down of mental and bodily processes
  • Losing of own senses
  • Anger and frustration
  • Extreme personal and social harm
  • Poor performance of bodily functions
  • Poor health

An occasional drinker is much better than a hardcore drinker . And if you want to get relief from your Drinking Addiction , this place is best for you . Trained practitioners help the addict to realize the importance his life and the lives of people attached to him and with a set of therapies and treatments , the goal of de-addiction is achieved .