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Family Therapy


Family Therapy

In literal sense , Family Therapy refers to the therapeutic treatment of the whole family by conversing with all the members of the family and figuring out ways to reduce internal misunderstandings and resolve conflicts .

This therapy was introduced out of the fact that , most of the times there is no problem with the person’s mental stability but still he behaves weirdly because of his bad experiences and interactions with his family . The basic cause of many psychological conditions of a person is , bad relationship with family members or sometimes , inexistence of family which makes a person lonely and sad .

That is why , Family therapy or Family Counseling is designed in a way that helps to address specific family issues , considering point of view of all family members and then try to communicate it with one another in the presence of a counselor to resolve all issues or disputes .

It is helpful in promoting understanding between family members , improving child’s behavior , tackle major family issues like divorce , and , treating mental health concerns like anxiety , depression , substance abuse , etc .

So , if you and your family members want to get relief from the regular conflicts and disputes , feel free to visit us . Our trained personnel and counselors shall make it easy for you and your family to understand and support one another in the best possible way .

We assure you that all the rendered information shall be kept confidential and privacy shall be maintained properly at Ummeed , One of the Best Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Punjab .